A Family's History

Proudly sharing my mom's, Leticia's, recipes.
Explore a creative take on Ecuadorian cooking techniques with the freshest ingredients.

From an early age, my mother Leticia showed me the meaning of hospitality. She and my father immigrated to the United States from Ecuador and it is important for her to maintain our culture alive even in our new home. When family or friends came over, she always prepared traditional dishes to remind them of Ecuador. There was always a hot meal cooking on the stove and an animated story being told around the table. I have often thought about these laugher and fun-filled times with great nostalgia so I set out to recreate them and continue my mother's legacy of Ecuadorian hospitality. Leticia's menu was created to blend my mother's traditional recipes with my own, raised-in-NYC, touches.Come by Leticia's as a party of one or a party of many. You will experience traditional Ecuadorian cuisine which will either bring forth fond memories or a new culinary & cultural experience altogether.At Leticia's, you are always welcome to share your story as we hope to share ours: over great food and drinks!

Leticias team